In our conduct with each other as activists, we agree to…

…Be welcoming and accessible to families, and all identities

  • We embrace all members and cherish diversity of sex, race, ethnicity, national origin, range of abilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, financial means, and education.

…Have a shared understanding of confidentiality / transparency
…Strive for relational / transformational movement building:

  • Put people first, moving away from transactional activism.

…Not judge conflicting / differing (negative or positive) viewpoints

  • Allow us to further investigate them, not dismissing them, but have openness in positive and negative views. If a member says something that is offensive, come from a place of love and correction.

…Acknowledge conditioning

  • Understand that we all bring baggage with us, we are in a patriarchy and influenced by white supremacy, we know that, we aren’t perfect, we are working on it.

…Take responsibility for our own experiences

  • Use ‘I’ statements, not assume we are speaking for others.

…Be conscious of patterns of participation

  • Be aware of who is speaking, who isn’t speaking, and acknowledge patterns to support the group dynamic and sharing of voices.

…Move forward with compassionate accountability

  • Put policies and procedures in place to help members know they are worthwhile, capable and accountable.

…Make time to process conflict

  • Not let things fester, be aware of power dynamics, mediate conflict, make a commitment to having uncomfortable conversations.

…Assume best intentions

  • We are all here for the right reasons, we all care.

      …so that we may achieve our goals of individual and collective liberation!